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You are giving me agida! You must have heard it plenty of times when you were young. Agita, or agida in dialect, is a feeling of agitation in your stomach, a word brought to America by Italian immigrants. It is what you feel when somebody is aggravating you, talking about something that makes you nervous, or simply driving you nuts because he or she moves or talks too much. (more)

Some people say it comes from the Italian "agitazione", agitation, others think it comes from "acido" acid, heartburn. It sounds like a mix of both. Agita is used to describe heartburn - I shouldn’t have eaten stuffed peppers after lasagna, I got agida – and anxiety, heartburn of the soul – Stop talking about how much money our son spent, don’t give me agida!

Even Woody Allen, an expert on anxiety, made a song about agita the centerpiece of his film "Broadway Danny Rose."