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"Né di Venere né di Marte, non si sposa non si parte, né si da principio all'arte", “neither on a Friday nor on a Tuesday should one get married, start a journey, or begin a project”. Why? As all things Italian, ask and you’ll get a lot of different answers. Some say Friday is the day when Jesus died and therefore inauspicious but cannot explain why Tuesday gets the same reputation. Others say that since Tuesday (martedì in Italian) was the day named after Mars, the God of War, and Friday (venerdì) named after Venus, the Goddess of Love, both very hot-blooded and unstable gods, it was considered wise to choose other days for important decisions.

In Italy the unlucky number associated with Friday is not 13 but 17. Friday the 17th is watch-out-day!

Forget about TGIF, for centuries people believed that Friday night was witches and wizards night, and they do not want to be seen, they get very upset and could make you disappear. But if you want to go out, you should keep a dog hair inside your pocket.

And, if somebody tells you “Ti manca un venerdì”, “ You are missing a Friday”, it means you are weird.