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Italian American 101 


OK Here we go lets start out with a few words that will get you going:

 Stunad! Chooch! Duzipazz! Oopatz! Disgraziat’!

Now wanna know what they mean?

STUNAD – from ‘stonato’, out of tune, thick, dense.

OOPATZ – from ‘il pazzo’, literally the madman, the crazy one.

DUZIPAZZ! – from ‘tu sei pazzo!’, you are crazy.

CHOOCH – from ‘ciuccio’, jackass, often used with children or jerks who don`t listen to you.

DISGRAZIAT’ – from ‘disgraziato’, disgraceful, shameful

Now remember whatever you do do not say these words unless you are sure the person you are talking with is not going to get offended. (Which means do not say them to any one who is an Italian American)

 So go try them out before you give me agida.