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Snow melts, streams swell, plants bloom, the axis of the Earth raises its tilt toward the Sun, the length of daylight increases... it’s Spring! Welcome rebirth, renewal, and regrowth.

To celebrate it, we selected a very important Italian poem by Giacomo Leopardi (translated by Jonathan Galassi), The Lonely Sparrow:


D’in su la vetta della torre antica,                 

High on the rooftop of the ancient tower,


Passero solitario, alla campagna                  

solitary thrush, you keep on singing


Cantando vai finche non more il giorno;      

to the countryside till the day dies,


Ed erra l’armonia per questa valle.               

and your music wanders in the valley.


Primavera dintorno                                       

Around you, springtime glistens in the air


Brilla nell’aria, e per li campi esulta,

and glories in the fields,


Si ch’a mirarla intenerisce il core.                 

till the heart turns tender at the sight.


Odi greggi belar, muggire armenti;               

You can hear flocks bleating and herds lowing;


Gli altri augelli contenti, a gara insieme       

the other birds compete in happiness,


Per lo libero ciel fan mille giri,                      

taking a thousand turns in the wide sky,


Pur festeggiando il lor tempo migliore:         

exulting in their best of times.


Tu pensoso in disparte il tutto miri;               

Pensive and apart, you watch it all.


Non compagni, non voli,                                

No comrades and no flights,


Non ti cal d’allegria, schivi gli spassi;           

no joy for you. You shun their play;


Canti, e così trapassi                                    

you sing, and so you spend


Dell’anno e di tua vita il piu bel fiore.           

the high time of the year and of your life.


Giacomo Leopardi’s "Canti" translated by Jonathan Galassi for Farrar, Straus & Giroux