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During dinner, you don't eat with your mouth opened, you don't speak when you are chewing food, you keep your hands on the table, and you don't lean toward the plate. Table manners we learned as children. Did you also know that you should never pour wine or water with your left hand? Big Italian no-no, superstitious people will think you are bringing them bad luck. You don't pass a drink, you don't pour a drink, and you never give a toast with your left hand. And if you turn your left hand while pouring so that your palm is facing up, some people will cringe, others will scream "Stop!" as if you were pouring poison. Being left handed was a huge problem in the past because the Devil was portrayed as being left-handed. It's crazy: you can spill wine on the table, and nobody will care, it brings very good luck because it symbolizes sharing with family and good friends. Never mind ruining the tablecloth! Some people will even touch the wine spot with the tip of the finger and wipe it behind the ear lobe for more luck. So, during a toast, take the glass with your right hand, always take a sip before putting your glass back on the table, and look the person who you clink glasses with in the eye. Salute!