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A cicala canta, canta e po’ schiatta.

The cicada sings, sings, and then dies. –  It comes from one of Aesop's fables: the cicada spends the summer singing while the ant stores away food. When the weather turns bitter, the cicada finds herself without food and dies. Ergo: superficial people don’t go far.

Pigliate 'a bona quanno te vene ca 'a malamente nun manca maje.

Take the good times when they come because bad times will always be here.

Quann' o diavolo t'accarezza vole l'anema.

When the devil caresses you he wants your soul. – To use when somebody is being extra-nice because he/she wants something from you.

O' cane mozz'c sempre ‘o stracciato.

The dog always bites the ragged.


A famme fa uscì o' lupo da 'u bosco.

Hunger drives the wolf out of the woods. – Need makes people do terrible things.