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In the early 1900s, Eugenio Marinella built the foundations of what became one of the most fabulous Neapolitan "successful stories". In 1914, on the eve of First World War, Eugenio decided, showing an undeniable amount of courage and initiative, to open a tiny shop in Piazza Vittoria, on the elegant Riviera di Chiaia in Naples, one of the most beautiful waterfronts in Italy. The position proved to be strategic for the little shop that measured only 200 square feet, in front of which the Neapolitan high society strolled. After having acquired and restructured two locations – a very large one for manufacturing shirts, and a smaller one for the ties – Don Eugenio set out on his first journey to London to meet his future suppliers. In a time when English style was in fashion, Marinella was the only one to offer, in Naples, a vast range of exclusive products coming from directly London.

At the beginning, the main activity of the shop was not the tie but the shirt, queen of the men wardrobe. Eugenio persuaded some of the best artisan shirt-makers to move from Paris, and to teach his workers the art of the cut. The ties were made exclusively in seven folds: the square was folded up seven times inwards to give an incomparable consistence to the tie. It took a long time before the modern tie with the inside structure made its appearance.

The shop passed through important historical events that changed the course of its history: the two world wars, the decline of the ancient nobility and the appearance of the new middle class changed dramatically the fashion world. Very sensible to the evolutions of society, Eugenio stopped the production of shirts to concentrate on the ties, and that became his signature.

Today, Maurizio Marinella, third generation, is leading the brand with an entrepreneurial spirit and Marinella ties are well known worldwide. In the years before his death, Don Eugenio forced his grandson Maurizio, who was about ten, to spend every day a few hours in the shop so that he could breathe its air and learn the trade. Above all, Maurizio received two important lessons: the one from his grandfather Eugenio about the relationships with the old clientele, and the one from his father Luigi who managed the advent of the economic boom. Maurizio has preserved the scrupulous attention for the quality of the raw materials and the extreme care during manufacturing – each one is rigorously handmade – of these "veracious Neapolitan" and at the same time "very British" ties.