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The stories narrated in this documentary are those of the people of Sulcis, one of the poorest provinces of Italy, a former mining region converted into industrial pole without a coherent development policy, and now looking for sustainable alternatives. The main characters tell us about their present struggles and their dream of a ‘normal’ life; about their sense of belonging and their strong attachment to this land of beauty and exploitation, which pays a very high human, social and environmental price.

 “Lost Citizens” is a film about the precariousness and uncertainty of the job market, further aggravated by the recent economic crisis and the limits of the political system. More specifically, the film looks at how two generations of people (fathers and sons) experience and face the brutality of losing their job, living on benefits (unemployment insurance), relying on seasonal work, and competing for the same job. The family reciprocity system has broken down, community support in time of need is weaker, and enterprise and state benefits have been progressively eroded. What is left is often a great sense of anxiety and dismay.

The production company needs founds for the final production phase and post-production, about 5000 euros ($6,500). You can help by donating even a small amount: go to and you will see how.

Author and Director: Sebastiana Etzo - An Africanist and sociologist by training, Sebastiana works mainly as a freelance researcher and international development consultant. She has extensively researched issues of inequality, socio-economic rights and social movements in sub-Saharan Africa. This is her first documentary film, a new research project experimenting different means of expression.

Co-author and Assistant Director: Carla Etzo - A professional journalist, Carla works with the main Sardinian newspaper, "L'Unione Sarda" and for national publications such as "Repubblica Salute". She’s also an expert in communication and in this field the she has several collaborations with public authorities, both in relation to issues of health and local development.

Shooting/Editing: Vincenzo Rodi - Vincenzo is a film-maker and a freelance cameraman with extensive experience with local/Sardinian TVs, and with national media such as Sky and RAI Sport. He has written and produced several documentaries and short films, and recently won first prize at the International Botanical Short Film Festival (Cernobbio, 2012) with the short film “Ortuabis”.

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