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Sardinia is an island renown for its delightful cheeses. The problem is the level of cholesterol in dairy fat that scares us when we can't stop eating them. 

No more: the Biomedical Sciences Department of Cagliari University, together with the local Brotzu Hospital research center, and the University of Pisa, have developed all natural sheep cheeses that “enriched in α-linolenic (ALA) and conjugated linoleic and vaccenic acids (CLA and VA), improve the lipid profile and reduces anandamide in the plasma of hypercholesterolaemic subjects”. You guessed it: they lower your bad cholesterol levels.

“The results obtained do not support the view that intake of dairy fat is detrimental to hypercholesterolaemic subjects. Indeed, they show that a naturally enriched cheese possesses beneficial properties, since it ameliorates the plasma lipid profile, and more remarkably reduces endocannabinoid biosynthesis.”

Stefano Pintus, Elisabetta Murru, Gianfranca Carta, Lina Cordeddu, Barbara Batetta, Simonetta Accossu, Danila Pistisa, Sabrina Uda, Maria Elena Ghiani, Marcello Mele, Pierlorenzo Secchiari, Guido Almerighi, Paolo Pintus and Sebastiano Banni are the scientists behind the project.

The new line of cheeses is called “Cla”, it is produced by Argiolas Formaggi , a Sardinian milk processing factory operating in the dairy field for the last 50 years, and it comes in six variations:

Giglio Sardo
Like a flower Giglio Sardo’s flavour blooms from the heart of the best milk. The best seller of Argiolas Formaggi, Giglio Sardo is produced in Sardinia through an accurate choice of whole sheep milk from selected breedings. This is an exceptional product with an inimitabile taste.
Pecorino del Colle
Hard sheep cheese pleasant and appetizing  with a unique and special taste.
Costa d'Oro
A special pecorino in which the aroma of the sheep cheese milk enhances the flavours of the most scented Sardinian breedings.
Enjoy the creamy Tomì. Delicate, tasty and with a soft and velvety heart, Tomì is a yummy small-flat cheese ideal for a quick meal or as a snack.
Dolce Brebì
The soft delicacy of fresh sheep milk: with its white and soft texture Dolce Brebì gives emotions of taste and exquisiteness.
Stracchino di Pecora
An innovation, a product loved for its lightness and the balanced fat contribute. With a soft and creamy texture and a delicate taste Argiolas Stracchino di Pecora is rich of lactics.



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Argiolas Formaggi