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Goomah comes from "comare", a godmother, a confirmation sponsor, a neighbor, an old female friend, or a busybody. In Italy. In the United States it has a whole different meaning, as we all know. Here a goomah is a girlfriend you are seeing on the side, a mistress. Do not make mistakes or you will get in trouble, and remember: a wife or fiance is never a goomah. 

Bacous or bacouse is the bathroom, and it comes from back of the house, an outhouse. At the turn of the 20th century, when most Italian immigrants arrived, they lived in tenements that had outhouses in the back and they made up this unique word. It is not an Italian world, although many Italians who lived in the countryside, in small towns, or in poor sections of the big cities did not have a bathroom inside the house and they called the outhouse “latrina”.