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Dear Uncle Dom,

Every morning it’s the same thing. I wake up at 5:00 a.m. make coffee, put the news on T.V. take a shower, get dressed and out the door for work. For thirty years Dom. Thirty years same routine. Now all of a sudden the Mrs. wants me to get on this Tread Mill my kids bought me last Christmas. She said I should do it for half an hour before I leave for work. That it’s good for me. Is she kidding me or what? I got no time for this. I know my wife is only looking out for me but come on. She already made me give up smoking cigars for Christ sakes. I believe that when it`s your time to go, it`s your time to go. No tread mill is going to keep the big guy from upstairs from ringing your bell. Am I right or wrong?

Sweet Lou from Boston

Dear Sweet Lou,

Your wife is 110% correct on this one pal. Even without seeing you (and please don’t send me any pictures) you probably look like you have had one too many loafs of bread in your day.  Am I close Sweet Lou?   Now, get your fat behind off the couch and get on that Tread Mill. If you don’t like the Tread Mill, walk with your bride around the block a few times a week. Do something to stay in shape. By the way, your kids got the Tread Mill for you because they want to see their father grow old and stay healthy. Oh, and they love you. Do it for them. And if you have grandchildren Lou, I really don’t understand why we are even having this conversation. Do it Lou, do it before you’re not getting up at 5:00 in the morning anymore or for that matter not getting up anymore period.

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