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Dear Dom,
my niece is visiting from out of town. She is a very nice young lady, but I was more than a little surprised - I should say shocked - last Saturday night when she told my husband and me that she was going out with her friends for the night. She was wearing a short skin tight shirt, black high heels and a red tight dress. I know kids today are a  little wilder than when we grew up but my God! this was too much! I feel that I should call and tell my sister about her daughter. What do you think?
Mary from the Bronx.

Dear Mary,
this is a tough one. On the one hand you may be getting yourself in the middle of something you could really live without, and on the other she is your niece and I am sure your concerns are real. My advice, keep your mouth shut. Let your sister deal with her. I am sure your sister would love to hear from you that her daughter looks like a slut. I know you wouldn’t say that. But that’s what your sister will hear.

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