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Dear Uncle Dom,

I'm writing to you because my sister in law, who is always invited to our Feast of Seven Fishes, keeps bringing meat lasagna. Not to be rude, I've served her lasagna every year and ruined the tradition. I have told her many times that the tradition is to eat fish, and this year I forwarded her the article published on Fonderia USA hoping to give her a clear message. However, she brought lasagna. What would you do?

Antoinette from Baltimore

Dear Antoinette,

If what you say is true, this woman needs to be taken aside and spoken to, but not by you. Correct me if I am wrong: you probably mentioned this to your husband once or twice already. It’s time for him to step up and talk with his sister. He needs to explain that her lasagna doesn’t belong at his Christmas Eve dinner. If your husband can`t or won`t do it then I am afraid it`s up to you to take matters into your own hands. If next year she shows up with the lasagna, politely take the tray from her hands and put it in the freezer. If she asks why you put it into the freezer, tell her you will give her a choice: it’s either the freezer or the garbage pail. Trust me, she will get the message. Remember, however, if you do this you may end up not talking to her again, but you won`t have to deal with her lasagna next Christmas Eve.

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